The way to Squeak Shoes

While some people may consider squeaking shoes annoying, others, especially children, enjoy the squeaking sound that certain shoes make in various situations. You can easily learn ways to squeak your shoes and the ideal conditions in which to squeak them.

Purchase new shoes. New shoes are infamous for their squeaking abilities. There are two types of "new shoe squeak," Black Nike Air Max, including the noises the shoes make themselves and the result of the shoes making contact with certain floor surfaces. New shoes require breaking in, and as such, may squeak before this process is complete. Leather shoes, plastic shoes (such as "jellies") and athletic sneakers have the best squeaking potential.

Walk on hard, shiny surfaces such as basketball courts, hardwood floors or vinyl flooring. Sometimes your shoes squeak just by virtue of walking on these floors. If this isn't the case, jam your foot downward at an angle, making sure the rubber sole of the shoe hits the floor. This usually produces a loud squeaking noise due to the friction produced between the two surfaces.

Find a floor that someone has waxed recently. Some shoes react with the wax and produce a fantastic squeaking noise.

Buy squeaky shoes for your children. These shoes make a squeaking sound every time your child takes a step. This helps children learn to walk, Nike Air Max Thea, since the shoes reward them with funny noises every time they venture new steps. It also helps parents know where their children are at all times because of the noise factor. If the shoes get too annoying, most have removable squeakers.

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